3 Ways To Use Foam Building Blocks With Stuffed Animals


As children grow and expand their imagination, inventive play with stuffed animals is typically common. Role-playing with stuffed animals can create a lot of fun adventures. Parents can add children's big building blocks into the mix to find more ways to enhance the fun activities.

Give children some fun ideas and options to mix building blocks with stuffed animal playtime activities.

1. Animal Hospital

A child can become a main caretaker for animals as they use foam blocks to create an animal hospital. Help a child set up a hospital area. Blocks can create a front desk and chairs for a waiting room. Use other blocks to create an examination room for the animals to lay on. If a child has any play doctor toys, then they can use the toys to operate on and examine various animals.

Your child can come up with ailments on their own, or you can assist them by listing off the problems for each stuffed animal. If you have extra supplies like bandages or gauze, then your child can use the supplies to help "heal" their stuffed animals.

2. Cave Adventures

Use foam building blocks to create memorable cave adventures with stuffed animals. Foam blocks stack well enough to create a large opening and various tunnels. Once the structure is created, your child can come up with different games. For example, they can go rescue a stuffed animal trapped inside a cave.

A mysterious stuffed animal could be inside the cave that your child must find and do battle against. A cave tunnel could lead to a secret fort where your child hangs out with all the stuffed animals. Just a simple cave creation has a lot of possibilities and and ways to play.

3. Neighborhood

Foam building blocks stack easily to create walls. Your child can create multiple block walls to form pretend houses for all the stuffed animals. Each house could feature different design elements and seating. Your child can visit each house and create fun living situations for all the stuffed animals.

If multiple children play together, then each child will have their own living space and can turn the neighborhood into a fun role-playing adventure. One child could host block parties and play along with all the stuffed animals in various ways. For example, you could help set up some play food and items for all of the characters to enjoy together.

The foam building blocks make a big difference in the way children play, especially when elements like stuffed animals are involved.


21 June 2021

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